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April 24 2015


Top Home Office Accessories


If you�re like me, you, and your friends have an average or �better than average� office at home. To qualify �better than average�, I mean you have equipment that many normal home office people don�t have because you like technology, you�re a geek, you really need it in your line of work, or else you just like to keep up with the Jones� when it comes to home office equipment. -home office ideas

EventPro Wares takes home office stuff very seriously because our friends and we spend a lot of time there so we like our digs to be as comfortable, efficient and work-conducive as you can.

So� I took a poll for 2 groups. My Facebook friends who vary in several interests and vocations, and Photo Booth Event Professionals thanks to Facebook�s �Photo Booth Network� User group. Being a photograph booth pro myself, I noticed there are something�s that photo booth pros need inside their home office that are not typical for most people.

I asked them to name the piece (or pieces) of kit in their home office they cannot live without. Which are the responses I obtained:

This Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Mobile Document Scanner has transformed how I handle documents, period! I recommended this as well as about 4 other people within my groups. I never have to handle paper again. As soon when i scan a document there, I put my scanned document (for a way important keeping a paper copy is) in the special box where my papers go, or throw it inside the trash. I use the software that comes with the scanner to scan everything right to Evernote. Personally I configure the program to have an �Inbox� where I process my documents with any device We have on hand, mostly it�s my desktop at the office, at home, and my phone.

The photo booth pros mentioned a ramp. I agree, this is home office worthy, though it�s mostly stored in the shop or garage rather than your office space proper. It�s very beneficial for transporting heavy photo booths along with other items when it comes to industry events etc. Also, this ramp is beneficial when your friends need some help, and you�re the only one that has one.

Health First! This adjustable height sit/stand-up desk is awesome in so many ways. Firstly, if you�re building lot and want to have a break from the daily dose of back-pain and require relief standing up, you are able to adjust your workstation for the same exact configuration in the stand-up position. The hand cranking with this bad-boy is easy that you can bring it up and down with little to no disruption. Secondly, I would recommend this item to working parents which have kids that like to play around with your work throughout the day. Case in point, my daughter whose planning to turn 3 wants to sit on my lap when she sees me working. When this can be in the standing position, it�s pretty kid-proof. You can get work done but still keep an eye on the kids. I sort of wish I had one out of the living room.

60? Crank Adjustable Height Sit to face Up Desk with Durable Steel Frame (Black Shelves / Silver Frame)

This innovative adjustable height stand up desk promotes better posture, reduced neck and back pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity
NEW taller height - Easily adjusts from sitting to standing using a smooth crank adjustment from 29" - 42.625" (lower surface) and 33.5" - 47.5" (upper surface)
Both tier shelf design puts your monitor in the proper viewing height and the keyboard and mouse at the proper working height

A great many of my software engineer buddies recommend the WD My Book External Hard drives. I�ve got 3 of the 2GB versions. I use one as a time machine backup in my mac, the other I take advantage of for my desktop backup image as well as my wife�s laptop backup image. The third I use to store my old photo booth photos and work files. The thing can be a workhorse, it hasn�t complained on me yet, and I�m pleased with its performance. What�s more is always that for a couple of these, I tend to move around a lot, so that it gets its share of abuse, and thus far no issues.

If you leave in a weather-volatile state like Texas, or you just cannot afford long power outages, this item is perfect for you. Several of my friends recommended this, and say they cannot live without one.

I have multiple printers in my home office, each with specific functions. The laser printer may be the one that gets used one of the most as it prints fastest, and quietest. My wife prints a lot of documents for her job, making this her best friend in the office.

You know you�re serious about up time when you�ve got one of these brilliant UPSs (uninterrupted power supply). I once had some small dinky UPS in the past. I got one free through work. It stayed within my living room providing backup power for approximately 10 minutes before closing, I only had my TV, VCR, DVD, and Stereo, plugged into it. This UPS can offer 2700 Watts of power. Definitely a keeper if you want to keep your servers up and running.

A handful of friends recommend a genuine good conferencing system with excellent audio quality and recommend this particular Polycom unit. I�m frequently on conference calls and I know how audio quality can make or break a meeting. How much worse might it be if you had a bad link to your client. It gives off a negative impression and could potentially mean losing out to a competitor.

I think you'll enjoyed this list of must have home office products. If you�ve got any suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. -home office ideas

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